2 body fluid 52 compartments compartments

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Unformatted text preview: en & Gated Figure 5-11: Gating of channel proteins 11: 5.2) Body Fluid 5.2) Compartments Compartments • Intracellular Intracellular (ICF) (ICF) • Extracellular Extracellular (ECF) (ECF) – Interstitial – Plasma Figure 5-13 (2004): Body fluid compartments 6 1/31/2010 Passive & down a concentration gradient Passive • “Stops” at Equilibrium = no NET movement at Equilibrium • Rate factors: Rate – membrane, temperature, distance, & size. 5.3) Diffusion: 5.3) Diffusion Figure 5-6: Fick’s law of 6: Fick law diffusion Carrier Mediated Transport: Transport: Can be Passive or Active Can 1. Uniport 1. 2. Cotransport a)Symport b)Antiport Figure 5-9: Types of carrier-mediated transport 3. Proteins: a) Specificity b) Competition c) Saturation!!! 7 1/31/2010 A. Passive: Facilitated A. Diffusion Diffusion • Uses transport proteins (Channels or Carriers) • Passive Diffusion to Equilibrium Figure 5- 12: Diffusion stops at equilibri...
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