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5 1 describe how cellular receptors and intercellular

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Unformatted text preview: led, correct graphs. 5)!! 1. Describe how cellular receptors and intercellular signals modulate/ regulate responses to Describe stimuli. (how do cells respond differently to the same signal?) stimuli 2. Describe Cannon’s postulates on the maintenance of homeostatic/ homeodynamic postulates homeodynamic systems. 3. Citing specific examples, compare and contrast positive and negative feedback loops that Citing positive that control reflex pathways. control REVIEW TODAY: Students should be able to…. 1. Describe and diagram membrane structure. Explain some functions of at Describe membrane Explain least 5 types of membrane components. types 2. Compare and contrast the various methods of passive (2) and active (3) Compare membrane transport. membrane 3. Using diagrams, compare and contrast chemical (tonicity) and electrical Using equilibrium in cells. What are the...
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