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Cell structure support 2 barrier isolates cell

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Unformatted text preview: 31/2010 Cell Membranes: Overview 1. Cell structure & support 2. Barrier isolates cell Barrier (impermeable) (impermeable) a) Chemically b) Physically 3. Regulates exchange Regulates (semipermeable) 4. Cell communication Figure 3-4: The fluid mosaic 4: model of the membrane model 5.1) Membrane Structure • Lipids: Lipids: – Phospholipid bilayer and cholesterol • Membrane proteins: – Peripheral (associated) – Integral • A. Structural – bind cytoskeleton and ECM A. Structural • B. Bind specific Ligands: enzymes, signal receptors B. Ligands enzymes signal • C. Transporters….. C. Transporters 4 1/31/2010 Membrane Transporters: Overview Membrane Transporters Fig. 5-9: Transport proteins of the cell membrane Transporter Proteins: Transporter Move Products Through Membrane Move 1. Channel proteins a) Open b) Gated 2. Carrier proteins a) Bind to substrate b) Slower transport Fig. 5-9: Transport proteins of the 9: cell membrane cell 5 1/31/2010 Transporter Proteins: Transporter Channels – Op...
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