Primary active transport b pumps products pumps uses

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Unformatted text preview: um Facilitated Diffusion Figure 5-12: Diffusion of glucose into cells 12: 8 1/31/2010 B. Primary Active Transport: B. Pumps Products Pumps • Uses ATP to to move products move • Up a Up concentration gradient gradient – Low high Low Figure 5-13: The Na+ - K+ -ATPase Primary Active Transport: Primary ATP-Powered Protein Pumps ATP Na+/K+ Pump!! Figure 5-14: 14: Mechanism of the Na+ - K+ -ATPase Na 9 1/31/2010 C. Secondary Active Transport: Uses Kinetic Energy of [ion] Uses • Cotransports –Symport • [Ion] restored –using ATP using Figure 5-15: Sodium-glucose symporter glucose symporter Energy Transfer: Review • Cell metabolism Cell (Ch. 4) (Ch. • Membrane Membrane transport (Ch. 5) (Ch. • ** COUPLING – Exergonic processes release processes energy energy – Released energy Released absorbed by Endergonic Endergonic processes • Proceed!! Figure 5-19: Energy transfer in living cells 10 1/31/2010 D. Vesicles in Membrane Transport D. • Bulk Transport Bulk Moves: Moves: – particles particles – Large...
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