Equilibrium 4 define and describe resting membrane

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Unformatted text preview: uses of disequilibrium? equilibrium 4. Define and describe resting membrane potential. How is it maintained, Define resting How and why is it important for cell function? and 1 1/31/2010 Mass Balance in the Body • Clearance – Rate at which a molecule Rate disappears from the body disappears – Mass flow = concentration Mass volume flow • Homeostasis Homeostasis equilibrium!! – Osmotic equilibrium – Chemical disequilibrium – Electrical disequilibrium Figure 5-2 Homeostasis: Ionic Solutes Figure 5-3b 2 1/31/2010 Diffusion: Map of Membrane Transport Diffusion: Map Passive: Active: MEDIATED BULK Figure 5-4 Membranes are selectively permeable Membranes: two meanings • Membranous tissues: Membranous – Example: pericardial membrane – Epithelial tissues: one to many cells thick • Cell Membranes (plasmalemma) enclose cells Figure 5-1 (2004): Membranes in the body (2004): 3 1/...
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