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1 BIOL 110 : Principles of Biology Spring 2005 Lecture 23, M 3/28/05 ONLINE Quizzes (bi-weekly) from now on! Link TO QUIZZES: (Cañada College I.D. for login and password) Time-limited (so study well first!); ~ 30 minutes to complete; once only. You must take Quiz 4 by Wed night!! Midterm 2 back Wed. or Fri. Journal Reports #1 Due this week!! REVIEW: Ch. 8: Genetics: Observing Patterns of Inherited Traits. – Exceptions/Beyond Mendel – Incomplete Dominance, Codominance, Pleiotropy, – Environment, Continuous Variation, Sex-Determination TODAY: Ch. 9: DNA Structure & Function – What is the Hereditary Material – What is the Structure of DNA? – How is DNA copied/replicated? – How are organisms Cloned?
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