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Unformatted text preview: – ATP – NADPH • Overall products – Glucose – ADP – NADP+ • Reaction pathway is cyclic and RuBP (5C) (ribulose bisphosphate) is regenerated 9 CalvinBenson Cycle (Building glucose) 1. 2. 3. CO2 (air) + 5C RuBP intermediate 6C split 1. 2. 6 CO2 (from the air) CARBON FIXATION 6 6 RuBP unstable intermediate 12 PGA 6C 6C 2PGA molecules 2PGA PGA (3C) accepts phosphate from ATP hydrogen and electrons from NADPH 6 ADP 6 ATP 4 Pi 10 (Regenerate RuBP) RuBP) 12 ATP 12 NADPH 12 ADP 12 Pi 12NADP+ 4. 5. PGAL (phosphophosphoglyceraldehyde) forms glyceraldehyde) When 12 PGAL have formed 1. 2. 2 combine to form 2 PGAL 12 PGAL 10 are used to regenerate RuBP Pi P PGAL (“energized” GLC for incorporation energized” into other compounds) phosphorylated glucose phosphorylated 1 glucose Sucrose, Starch, Cellulose…. Cellulose… Summary of Photosynthesis Light sunlight Dependent Reactions 12H2O 6O2 ADP + Pi ATP NADPH NADP+ Light Independent Reactions 6CO2 6 RuBP CalvinCalvinBenson 12 PGAL cycle 6H2O P phosphorylated glucose end products (e.g., sucrose, starch, cellulose) 10 Click to view animation. animation Click to view animation. animation 11...
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