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Unformatted text preview: BIOL 110: Principles of Biology Spring 2005 Lecture 14, F 2/25/05 • Midterm #1: Average 75%, Median 82%; 3 at 100%+ Average – See me ASAP (by MON.), if you scored < 70%. (Don’t panic!!) (Don’ – Extra Credit if <70%: Rewrite wrong multiple choice questions, explaining why your choice was wrong, and the correct answer is right. (earn-back up to 50% of lost points on M/C) (earn• If you scored <20/40 on the Essays, you may rewrite them THIS ONE TIME (for 50% of difference)! • All exam extra credit is due by Noon on Wed., 3/2/05. • Return Lab Quiz #1 to me by Mon. to record your score. • Journal Article reports –Topics due 3/7 or 3/9 in lab. – Go to the library, online, or newspaper Science sections – Look through Discover, National Geographic, Science, Discover, Nature, Scientific American • LAB QUIZ #3 NEXT WEEK!!! (LAB #7!!) REVIEW: • Ch. 4: How Cells Work – Membrane Transport – • Passive – Simple Diffusion, Facilitated Diffusion • Active: Thru protein transporter, or bulk • Ch. 5: Photosynthesis – Where it Starts – Chloroplasts, Light & Pigments TODAY: • Ch. 5: Photosynthesis – Where it Starts – Chloroplasts, Light & Pigment...
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