Hypertonic having more solutes 2 isotonic having same

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Unformatted text preview: same amount 3. Hypotonic - having fewer solutes 9 Tonicity and Osmosis 2% sucrose hyper water 10% sucrose 2% sucrose Hypo- Hyper- Iso- hypo Hydrostatic Pressure Pressure that a fluid exerts against structure enclosing it (wall, membrane) Eg: Turgor Pressure in plants Increases with increased solute concentration Influences the osmotic movement of water 10 Increase in Fluid Volume compartment 1 compartment 2 HYPOTONIC SOLUTION membrane permeable to water but not to solutes HYPERTONIC SOLUTION fluid volume increases In compartment 2 F. Membrane Traffic (Bulk Transport) Endocytosis Membrane sinks inward around a substance, bringing it into the cell in a vesicle Phagocytosis; Phagocytosis; Pinocytosis cytoplasm Exocytosis Vesicle carrying substance fuses with membrane, releasing it into the intracellular fluid plasma membrane Cyclical processes!!! cytoplasm 11...
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