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BIOL110s05-01 - BIOL 110 Principles of Biology Spring 2005...

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1 BIOL 110 : Principles of Biology Spring 2005 – Lecture 1, W 1/19/05 Dr. Nathan Staples (Ph.D., UCSB 2002) Part I: Fundamentals of Biology (UNITY) MT1 = F 2/11 2. Part I, II: Fundamentals; Inheritance & Evolution MT2 = F 3/18 3. Part III: Biodiversity and Physiology (DIVERSITY) MT3 = F 4/22 4. Part IV: Ecology FINAL EXAM (cumulative) : Mon., 5/23, 11:10 AM “Fine Print” INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION : Dr. Staples’ Office hours (16-207) : M 12-1pm & 4-5pm; TR 12:30-2pm; & BY APPOINTMENT !! [email protected] , 306-3251. Website: http://www.smccd.net/accounts/staplesn/biol110/ Study materials, course information, lectures, etc. “Pre-Lecture” slides available online each evening before class. • ** STUDENTS : are expected to keep-up with ALL the reading for each day’s lecture . Also, be sure to complete any Self Quizzes and Critical Thinking before the next class. (& www.brookscole.com ) You will be tested primarily upon your knowledge gained in this class, and your level of comprehension of the major concepts (So, don’t just memorize facts and details!!). Diligence will be your key to success in this class . I want you ALL to do well and have FUN learning about the fascinating world of BIOLOGY!!
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