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Affirmative Action has become a political, economic, and emotional issue. What are some of the reasonable arguments in favor of and opposed to affirmative action. Some arguments in favor of affirmative action are that it gives every individual an equal opportunity for employment; whether it is the race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Affirmative action is a great way for a company or business to solely hire a person for their skills and experience. An argument against affirmative action is that companies take it too far sometimes. Instead of hiring someone based on their experience or qualifications a company may become biased to hire a minority, that affirmative action protects, in fear of being sued or classified as not politically correct. Talk about some of the issues that HRMs need to be concerned with when going global. Provide an example of a
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Unformatted text preview: successful company or one who made mistakes going global with their product. A company needs to be concerned about many things when thinking about going global. They need to make sure that the company’s actions or products do not offend the different cultures they may encounter when going abroad. Also a company might think about altering their product or introducing new products to adapt to the different locations. Here in Antigua one of the main sources of food is chicken. As some food chains, such as pizza hut, failed here KFC has many locations and is thriving. The KFC’s here have adapted to the local recipes and have a wide variety of chicken flavors and sides that aren’t offered in the states. By doing this KFC is very successful here and it is very rare that there is less than 4 cars in line at the drive thru....
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