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I believe if a company can afford and well manage a work-life balance program then they should implement it. The main concern would be keeping the employee on task and making sure the work is getting done as efficiently and to the standards the company desires. By implementing programs like this, a company is showing the employee how dedicated they are to fulfilling everything the employee needs. Most of the time problems from home are brought into the workplace, affecting not only the employee, but the co-workers as well. A happy employee works more efficiently. From a company’s perspective, online resumes are a great way to collect a wide variety and
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Unformatted text preview: a high amount. A disadvantage would be the risk of running into fake resumes or a bombardment of multiple resumes from the same individual. For the candidate, online resumes are a great way to apply for many more jobs then someone would be able to if they were to travel to each place in person. A disadvantage to the candidate would be the competition faced with the increased amount of candidates due to the online resumes. I personally used online resumes to get my current job. After applying online an HR representative of the company called me and approached me with an interview....
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