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There are many objectives to employee performance evaluations. The main objective is to inform the employee of the job performance they are demonstrating. The performance can include categories such as: working with others, managing company time, work ethic, and scheduling. The evaluation can help employees get on the same track as the managers. The HRM is hoping to solve any problems that might have arisen while reviewing the employee evaluation. It is also a chance for the employee to communicate with HRM about any plans for change or employee protests. Some potential problems with employee evaluations could be difference of opinions.
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Unformatted text preview: An employee may believe they are doing a good job, but if the performance evaluation came back under par for the company, the employee may become disgruntled. A bad evaluation can lead to internal conflicts between managers and employee, it can lead to an employee quitting or being laid off, and it can even lead to employees becoming jealous of other employees suspected for favoritism. In all of my personal experiences the evaluations have been 100% confidential. Even though some information leaks, either it is true or a rumor, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of gossip that comes with employee evaluations....
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