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chem lab exp. 4 - Laboratory 4 Preparation of Compounds and...

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Laboratory 4 Preparation of Compounds and Determination of Formulas Name: Norkhairin Yusuf Partner: Azizah Ahmad Section Section 40, Monday 2 PM Performed: 29 September, 2008 Submitted 06 October, 2008 Laboratory Instructor: Hongmei Yuan Your Signature ___________________________________
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Purpose The purpose of this lab was to prepare two compounds and then determine the simplest chemical formulas for the compound since that compounds are chemically combined element. Introduction We have binary compounds that contains two elements. We are creating Magnesium Oxide for this example by using Magnesium and burned in air (which contains Oxygen). Then there is the ternary also known as the three elements compounds or more than three elements and are usually not prepared by direct combustion of the elements. So, once prepared or discovered, we definitely want to know the formula of the compound, where one mole of an element is equivalent to its atomic mass in grams. Therefore the formula is determined and the result will be its empirical formula (the lowest whole number ratio of moles of elements in a compound. So for the first experiment, we will conduct a metal (Mg) and a non-metal (O 2 ) to produce binary compound (a metal oxide). Determining the amount of each element present in the product, empirical formula can be calculated. For the second experiment, it will involve the combination of two ions in aqueous solution to produce a solid product. Varying the amounts of ions combined and measuring the amounts of product, it will be possible to determine the ratio of the two ions in the product. Experimental
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chem lab exp. 4 - Laboratory 4 Preparation of Compounds and...

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