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Discussion of Bio Lab III

Discussion of Bio Lab III - tolerate before it becomes...

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Discussion: A D. Pulex is the species used to check the sensitivity towards KCl contamination in their habitat. Two activites were chosen and undergone the exposure towards KCl for different concentration. The activities are the heart rate and movement. The heart rate measurement can be used as a quick, non-lethal bioassay from the contamination impact because the stress of having a different solute than fresh water in the habitat causes stress towards them and will therefore make their heart beat goes faster. With this, the heart rate can be measured to identify the lowest concentration of KCl can D. Pulex
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Unformatted text preview: tolerate before it becomes lethal to the organisms. As for the movement activity, it shows that as stress builds up from having a foreign solution in their habitat, they move a lot more to show that they are not comfortable in the condition that they are in. The critical value for the concentration of the activity heart rate is the 188ppm of KCl compared to the critical value of the concentration for the movement is the 370ppm of KCl. The movement activity have a higher critical value in terms of concentration of KCl because the heart rate is sensitive towards the environment rather than the movement....
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