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essay question - Question 1 determines polarity of a...

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Question 1 determines polarity of a molecule and what atoms can bond together and how strong the bond will be -determines what molecules will interact with another molecule -determines which molecule can pass through certain channels since or out of a cell. i think this can just go gives protien structure? -cell to cell communication (Ex synapses) THIS IS PRETTY GOOD BUT NOT QUITE ENOUGH INFORMATION ABOUT HOW ELECTRONEGATIVITY IS RELATED TO THOSE CHARACTERISTICS. for question 2 same they all lower activation energy they all have active sites they stabilize the reactants while in the transition state (would that be the same as activation energy?) different some enzymes require co-factors shape of active site shape and size of protein, what the enzymes are composed of. MOSTLY GOOD, FOR DIFFERENCES FOCUS ON BIG DIFFERENCES-ONES THAT YOU COULD USE TO DEFINE CATEGORIES OF ENZYMES. Thanks :) I'M NOT SURE WHAT QUESTION THIS IS, BUT IT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE THE CORRECT ANSWER TO ANY OF THEM. So would saying , gives Proteins structure, Gives DNA's structure Gives water its Solvent and cohesive properties. and allows the build up of advance carbs be a sufficient answer? (it is suppose to be question 1 for second try but just to tell you that the first answer is wrong :) and jawapan ni still salah :P ) In regards to question 4
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Would simply saying After each step there is a cascade of secondary messengers being produced causes a the signal amplifications to build up exponentially do? like Step one,
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essay question - Question 1 determines polarity of a...

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