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This is not a helpful and socially responsible policy because colds and some coughs are caused by a virus and so antibiotics do nothing to help. Secondly, in terms of taking antibiotics with a cold, bacteria from other diseases and/of infections can evolve resistance to the antibiotic, especially since the antibiotic is probably a broad-spectrum. Thirdly, a broad-spectrum antibiotic could kill off some of the bacteria necessary for the human body and create more room for the bad bacteria to thrive. A fourth thing is not everyone finishes their full dose of antibiotics which will not kill all of the necessary bacteria and lead to increase resistance of more bacteria. This makes bacterial diseases and/or infections even harder to treat. Finally, with more harmful bacteria populating the human body and the more antibiotics they are pounded with, the more resistance they can develop against those antibiotics and they can share that resistance with other harmful bacteria through plasmid sharing. The leaf-cutter ants have bacteria growing on the outside of then which produce antibiotics to fight off a mold that
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