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rough discussion - poster - Power Bar Carb-15 Protein-18...

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Discussion: Hypothesis All of the tested high-energy foods had much higher carbohydrate concentrations compared to protein concentrations, as shown in figures _ and _. In fact, no substance, even the marketed protein bars, contained more than 5mg/g of protein. *Daily recommended values Total carbohydrate grams (g) 300 Protein grams (g) 50 *amount of substance per serving Protein = (Power Bar:003g,Cliff Bar:0.005g,Cookie:0.005g,AMP Original:0.0003g,RedBull:0g,AMP low cal:0g) Carbohydrate = (Power Bar:0.051g,Cliff bar: 0.097g,cookie:0.51,AMP Original:0.20g,RedBull:4.12g,AMP low cal:0.011) Protein = (Power Bar:10g,Cliff Bar:4g,Cookie:2g,AMP Original:0g,RedBull:0g,AMP low calorie:0g) Carbohydrate = (Power Bar:45g,Cliff bar:18g,Cookie:28g,AMP Original:30g,RedBull: 28g,AMP low calorie:0g) Both AMP : 236.5882375mL in a can RedBull : 245.46029640625002mL in a can Power Bar : 65g Cliff Bar : 28g Cookie : 42g Percents of daily value
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Unformatted text preview: Power Bar: Carb-15%, Protein-18% Cliff Bar: Carb-6%, Protein-20% Cookie: AMP Original : Carb-0%, Protein – 10% RedBull: Carb-9%, Protein-0% AMP Low Cal: Carb-0%, Protein: 0% Having the highest amount of Carbohydrate, Red Bull is not really a beneficial energy drink because of the sugar contents that contributes to the carbohydrate content and no protein content. Although the AMP Low calorie drink is good in terms of the carbohydrate content, the downside is that it has no protein content therefore with no source of protein for the body which is essential for students is not a good choice to consider. The most suitable high-energy food that is best consumed by students is the Power Bar because the protein and carbohydrate ratio is 0.060 which is the highest from all the substances tested. Having the source of protein and carbohydrate at the same time will be sufficient for a...
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rough discussion - poster - Power Bar Carb-15 Protein-18...

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