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ISS 335 STUDY GUIDE- Exam 1 1857- Dred Scott vs. Sandford: Blacks are an inferior race and have no rights as citizens of the United States Civil War: 1861-1865 Reconstruction: 1865-1877 After Reconstruction, Blacks were disfranchised (prevented from voting) Northern troops occupied the South 1896- Plessy vs. Ferguson : Upheld the doctrine of separate but equal Ku Klux Klan - membership peaked in the 1920s, Indiana and Ohio were leading Klan states From 1910-1970 immigration of African Americans from the rural South to the urban North increased for three reasons: 1.) Cut off immigration from Europe 2.) Industrial expansion in the North 3.) The cotton economy was declining in the South -Governor Faubus in Little Rock, Arkansas tried to stop desegregation in schools -Thurgood Marshall was a lawyer for NAACP and argued it was time to integrate schools 1954- Brown vs. Board of Education: overturned doctrine of separate but equal, stopped segregation in schools Stratification - a structure of social inequality Jim Crow Laws in the South System of segregation Extends from Civil War to World War II Civil Rights Movement - 1950s, 1960s: challenge legal discrimination 1964 Civil Rights Act - prohibited discrimination in jobs, schools, and public facilities. 1965 Voting Rights Act - prohibited discrimination in voting. 1968 Civil Rights Act - prohibited discrimination in housing. WASP - white Anglo-Saxon Protestant
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Omi + Winont “Racial Formations” Hypo-descent- any racial intermixture makes one non-white “one-drop rule” – if a person has just one drop of black blood, the person is black. Racial formations- we come to accept these socially defined categories as common sense Racialization- social developments can alter interpretations of racial identities and meanings Transsexual- sex change operation Transvestite - “cross dressing” man that wants to live as a woman and vice versa Hermaphrodite - born w/ chromosomes and genitals that are not clearly male or female *Gender is both ascribed and achieved* C.H. Cooley- Looking Glass Self: internalize images of ourselves based on how others view us positively/negatively 2 models of manhood: 1.) Genteel patriarch- supervised his estate, high status 2.) Heroic Artisan- served others, worked for his living
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  • prohibited discrimination, discrimination Discrimination- people, Structural discrimination- discrimination, inferior Assimilation Theories

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ISS_335_study_guide_1 - ISS 335 STUDY GUIDE Exam 1 1857...

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