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FINALE EXCELL TEST - chpt 8 cash flow estimation,incremetal...

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TEST problem 2 chpt 10 firsms value of operations 900 million short term investments 20 million ACC receivable 30 milion inventory 15 million long term debt 200 million notes payable 50 million a/ payables 25 million find the total value of the firm and its share price? total value of firm= value of operations + value of short term investments total value of firm  $920.00  to find the share price( i.e., stock price per share) we must first find the value of equity. value of equity  value of the firm  $920.00  long term debt  $(200.00) notes payables  $(50.00) preffered stock  $-    equity  $670.00  if there are 100 shares outstanding then the stock price per share is: price per share  $6.70  620/ 100 shares chpt 7: NPV, modified internal rate of return , internal rate of return, Pay Back Peri
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Unformatted text preview: chpt 8: cash flow estimation,incremetal cash flow, sunk costs, opportunityy costs nominal cash flows and real cash flows, and when net PV is upward biased or dow chpt 9: WACC, calculating cost of debt, cost of retained earnings, newly issued co chpt 10: operating current assets, current liabilities, operating capital, derive free riod Criterion, discounted pay back period criterion s, inflation effects on cash flows, Equivalent Annual Annuity Approach used to select a bett wnward biased ommon stocks, preffered stock cash flows and value of operations from free cash flows tter investment...
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FINALE EXCELL TEST - chpt 8 cash flow estimation,incremetal...

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