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Act 355 Exam 2 - Act 355 Exam 2 Chapter 5 8 What is...

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Act 355 Exam 2 Chapter 5: 8. What is outsourcing? is subcontracting a service, such as product design or  manufacturing, to a third-party company. The decision whether to outsource or to do in- house is often based upon achieving a lower production cost, making better use of  available resources, focusing energy on the core competencies of a particular business,  or just making more efficient use of labor, capital, information technology or land  resources a. What are the benefits – i. Lower Cost ii. Faster iii. Better use of Current Labor iv. Specialists in outside company. v. Improve quality vi. Risk management vii. Tax Benefit Chapter 6: 1. Integrated Accounting Software – Software packages that can process all types of accounting transactions and provide a variety of reports, including financial statements and budgets. 2. Features found in integrated Accounting Software Packages a. Ability to handle multiple companies & users b.
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