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Three subjects in this legal framework of business class that were very interesting to me are. .. 1) The reasoning of how laws are defined by common law tradition in the United States, especially using previous court decisions. 2) The five steps of litigation which include a) pleadings b) discovery c) pre-trial d) trial and e) post-trial 3) Employment law and my right as an employee. This is also interesting to me because I should and need to know these laws if or when I become an employer of some kind Three legal rules or ideas or concepts that I think will be most useful to me are. .. 1) The six things I need to look for in a contract. As a business major and hopefully a future executive, I need to keep in mind the conditions of a contract. I need to look for a) agreement b) consideration (sacrifice) c) law requirements d) capacity of the parties involved e) is it legal? and f) genuiness of assent 2) In general terms, there are usually only three requests I can ask the courts to do for me if I sue
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Unformatted text preview: another "party." The court can make them a) pay money damages b) make them do something c) make them stop or not do something 3) The Concept of Arbitration. At first, I never heard of such a process. I thought all cases had to be dealt with the court system. But, now I am happy to learn about this because when I sign contracts I need to keep my eyes open to this and If I am ever involved in contract making at my employer, I want to make sure arbitration is mentioned to save the reputation of my employer. The ethical reasoning I think I will use for resolving difficult ethical dilemmas in my life and career is Duty-Based Reasoning. I feel this way because as a Christian and firm believer of the Bible, I base my morals and ethics on my faith. I absolutely will keep in mind the respects for liberty, good faith, the duty of care, confidentiality, and conflicts of interest, but I will base my ethics on Duty-Base Reasoning over Social contract or Outcome-Based or Consequentialism....
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