HW 2 - AOS 100/101 Spring 2010 HOMEWORK #2 (Due Fri....

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AOS 100/101 Spring 2010 HOMEWORK #2 (Due Fri. February 19) Please provide concise, grammatically correct, neatly written answers to the following questions. All questions can be answered in, at most, a few sentences. Don’t forget to write your name on the paper!!! NAME: John Asimakopoulos 1) Metal is a better conductor of heat than wood. A metal file cabinet and a wooden desk are situated next to one another in my office. Since they have both been in my office for years, the temperature of the file cabinet is the same as the temperature of the desk. Despite this fact, the file cabinet feels colder to the touch than the desk. Explain why. (10 pts.) When the KE of a molecule increases, that molecule bumps into adjacent molecules and transfers some of its KE to those adjacent molecules. This transfer of KE between the molecules is called conduction. A good heat conductor is a substance that can transfer heat between molecules very well. Metal is a better heat conductor than wood, which means that if I touch a metal desk it will conduct heat from my finger more efficiently than wood. This is explains why touching a metal file cabinet will feel colder than the wood desk. 2)
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HW 2 - AOS 100/101 Spring 2010 HOMEWORK #2 (Due Fri....

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