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3510 notes Typical Real-Time Applications A real-time systems is required to complete its work and deliver its services on a timely basis. Examples : Digital control Command and control Signal processing Telecommunications systems. Digital Control Many real time systems are embedded in sensors and actuators and function as digital controllers. The plant in block diagram refers to a controlled system, for example an engine, a brake, an aircraft, a patient. The state of the plant is monitored by sensors and can be changed by actuators. The real-time (computing) estimates from the sensor readings the current state of the plant and computes a control output based on the difference between current state and desired state. We can implement it as an infinite timed loop : set timer to interrupt periodically with period T at each timer interrupt; do do analog-to-digital conversion to get y compute control output u output u and do digital-to-analog conversion end do; Some examples of digital controller: Embedded control systems
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automotives robots aircraft medical devices Guidance and Control This type of controller performs guidance and path planning functions to achieve a higher level goal. It tries to find one of the most desirable trajectories among all trajectories that meet the constraints of the system. As an example, a flight management system. Real-time Command and Control The controller at the highest level of a control hierarchy is a command and control system. An Air Traffic Control (ATC) system is an excellent example. Signal processing Most signal processing applications have some kind of real-time requirements. Response times are under a few milliseconds to a few seconds. Examples are digital filtering, video and voice compression A signal processing application is typically a part of a larger system. For example a radar signal processing and tracking system. Multimedia Applications A multimedia application may process, store, transmit, and display any number of video streams, audio streams, images, graphics, and text. Without compression, the storage space and transmission bandwidth required by a video are enormous. Therefore, a video stream, as well as the associated audio stream, is invariably
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3510 notes - 3510 notes Typical Real-T ime Applications A...

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