Atlantic tunas non molecular views on intraspecific

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Unformatted text preview: national Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas Non-molecular views on intraspecific population structure • Little was known of intraspecific population structure for any of the billfish • Assumed that due to mobility and continuous distribution – there would be little population subdivision between the oceans • Some tag-recapture data seemed to support this but based upon very few recoveries (0.5-2%) and unequal efforts in recovery at different locations • More recent molecular analysis has revealed considerable intraspecific genetic differentiation with location • Genetic variation vs location = phylogeography Striped marlin • Distribution: Pacific & Indian Ocean • Traditional studies (Squire & Suzuki 1990): single Pacific stock • However, RFLP analysis of mtDNA (Graves & McDowell 1994) suggests the existence of >1 Pacific population • ~40 fish per site • mtDNA haplotypes...
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