G one haplotype apparently confined to atlantic fish

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Unformatted text preview: Significant difference in haplotype distribution between Atlantic and Indo-Pacific • Also significant within-ocean population structure – E.g. one haplotype apparently confined to Atlantic fish was found in 11/74 Jamaican fish, but only 1/74 of nonJamaican Atlantic fish • This level of population structure is strange given the mobility of the fish – E.g. Tag/recapture suggests 10% W.Atlantic fish are recaptured in E.Atlantic • Why? – Spawning site fidelity? Phylogeographic analysis: • Reveals two groups of haplotypes that differ by several restriction site differences – Nucleotide divergence measured as 1.35% • One group of haplotypes was ubiquitous – Found in 55% Atlantic fish and all Indo-Pacific fish • Ten haplotypes were present in both Atlantic and Indo-Pacific fish • The remaining haplotypes (accounting for 45% of individuals caught) were found only in Atlantic fish • These two genetically divergent groups suggest historical isolation Phylogeographic analysis of Atlantic and Indo-Pacific blue marlin Included haplotypes from 138 Atlantic and 68 Pacific fish Sailfish A...
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