That if striped and white marlin are valid species

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Unformatted text preview: espectively – The other haplotypes were also similar, differing by only 1-2 restriction sites • This suggests that if striped and white marlin are valid species, then: they separated recently or, introgression has occurred since speciation Phylogeographic analysis of striped and white marlin Haplotypes included are 166 striped marlin & 52 white marlin, generated with 10 retsriction endonucleases Blue marlin The relationship of Atlantic and Indo-Pacific blue marlin has always been considered problematic • Single circum-tropical population Rivas 1975) • Atlantic & Indo-Pacific population (Nakamura 1985) – based on slight differences in lateral line morphology • Blue marlin exhibit considerable genetic variation (Graves & McDowell 1995) • RFLP analysis of mtDNA, using 11 restriction enzymes •...
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