Theory - Statistics Data Paper

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Salute! Salute! Well Being Though Statistical Data Jay Bowden 3/3/210 This paper describes how statistics is applied at the Olive Garden through an interview and personal expierence. o Your paper must be single-spaced. No specific font size or page margins are required, but remember, your paper should look professional (for example, font 13 with 1 ½” margins may not look professional). o The minimum length for your paper is 4 pages, not including the cover or reference page. The last page of your report should be the references list. o Your paper must have at least 10 references. o Submit your paper to Smarthinking. Bowden
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Salute! o All references must be clearly cited or quoted in the body of your paper using a standard style. Do not just list the references at the end of your paper; you MUST specifically use the references in the body of your discussion. If any paragraph in your paper is based on information obtained from one of the sources listed in your reference list, you need to indicate so in the body of your paper. o Sources must come from practitioner-oriented, business-related publications only. You can also use the online databases at the library website. For this paper use only practitioner oriented publications instead of academic journals. If you are not sure if a publication would be considered practitioner-oriented, please contact the instructor. o You can include information from a website, only if the website is related to a practitioner publication (for example you can use the website for Fortune magazine) otherwise they will not count for credit. If in doubt, you can get instructor’s approval prior to using a website as a reference. o Sources can be from any year, recent sources and old sources are both acceptable. o Every reference must be fully documented. Do not forget to include title, author name and date. In addition, depending on the type of source, you should include additional information. For example, for articles you need to include volume number, issue number, etc. o Every web reference must be fully documented, including title, author name and date. If there is no author name in the web page, use the name of the sponsoring organization for the website as the author. If there is no specified title, use the title of the web page in the title bar. If there is no date, use the date it was accessed. o For any source obtained online (from a website or from the library website) include the full address as a hyperlink. You should provide the direct web link to the specific web page, not the web link to the main home page. Test the hyperlink to make sure it will take you to the website. Some of the web links in the library databases are temporary; instead you need to obtain the persistent link or the accession number. See example below. o
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Theory - Statistics Data Paper

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