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The_Impacts_of_Tourism_Assignment - The Impacts of Tourism...

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The Impacts of Tourism Paper REC 280 Introduction to Tourism Percent of Final Grade: 25% Due Date: Wednesday March 17, 2010 (Hard-Copy Submissions Only) Assignment Description: Imagine that you will be traveling in the near future. Describe the place(s) that you will be visiting by discussing the following aspects of your trip: modes of transportation used throughout the trip, accommodations, environment (of the destination(s) and the transit routes), geography, culture, and the economy of place(s) you plan to visit. Next, briefly describe your motivation for visiting this destination. Finally, discuss the impacts of your trip from a socio-cultural, environmental, and economic perspective. In other words, I want you to critically examine how tourism, and in particular your trip, will impact this destination as well as any other consequences that may arise from your decision to travel. From there, provide strategies which you could employ as a tourist to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive impacts of your travel to this destination(s).
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