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faces in the cloud - Sheet1 Page 1 FACES IN A CLOUD BY...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 FACES IN A CLOUD BY George Atwood and Robert Stolorow Ch 1-Personality Theory and Subjectivity Each theory of personality constitutes a system of statements regarding the meaning of being human in the world. Personality as a primary source of empirical material. The modern field of personality psychology comprises a variety of schools of though own domain. There are problems associated with the study and clarification of the subjective origins of personality theory. First, identifying t theorists thought. Second is the subjective dimension for assessing the validity of the theory. The ultimate aim is to arrive at human experience and human conduct. Yet another problem is that this theory cannot be validated or invalidated because the and ultimately determine the human condition. Behaviorism- The importance of considering the subjective dimension of psychological knowledge and of human behavior in general is not approaches have evolved to study it. The most radical school of thought is known as behaviorism, where the whole concept o eliminated. Its thought is that psychology is a natural science and must be founded upon the idea that man is an objective o and social environment. It is no longer wildly accepted as a foundation for psychology. Methodological Objectivism This is less extreme than behaviorism. This is a philosophy of the relationship between the scientist and his work. It emphasiz as a person and the material he studies and aims at establishing universally verifiable, purely objective truths, divorced from th discovered. Phenomenology (see definitions page attached) Bracketing-where the phenomenologists frees himself from preconceptions and achieves the purity of the transcendental pers ones position in relation to all those assumptions, beliefs, and attitudes which in the natural standpoint are taken for granted...
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faces in the cloud - Sheet1 Page 1 FACES IN A CLOUD BY...

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