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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Fantasies of Flight by David M Ogilvie √° There is evidence that the desire to fly can be traced to lingering remnants from distant times. We need only go back to a tim reality presented them with obstacles that they subjectively experienced as so threatening to their survival that they desperate accompanied feelings of earlier safety. √° This book teaches how to interpret stories in the context of major underlying concerns of their creators. √° Reductionism involves the conviction that past experiences shape personalities determined by childhood events-they cause us to be the way we are. √° Gordon Allport-considered to be the father of personality psychology. He argued that we are our traits. We not only have tra √° Henry Murray-also a case study advocate, but he believed that we are our needs. Coined the term personology. (The study √íExplorations in Personality√ď. Believed we reveal a lot of ourselves by the stories we make up. (beneath the manifest conten √° Was the director of the Harvard University Psychological Clinic? √° The Five Factors Model-aka the Big Five-proposed that all people in all cultures can be profiled according to their relative pl extroversion, neuroticism, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. This gives trait psychology a usef √° The Society of Personology-founded by Rae Carlson-believes that studying personality is studying the person√ēs life. (in the centered biographic studies. √° The Icarus Complex-a term developed by Henry Murray in 1955. Referred to the Greek mythology story √íthe legend of Icar island, no way to escape, father thought they should attach feathers to their arms and fly off, son disobeyed, and soared towa feathers off his arms so he plummeted and drowned). √° Ascensionism-the wish to overcome gravity, to stand erect, to grow tall, to dance on tiptoe, walk on water, swing in the air, t from the dead. An upward thrust of desire. A rise in prestige. √° Hermeneutics-the art and science of interpreting texts. Can be texts as in books, or text as in the multi layers of a person√ēs √°TAT Test (Thematic Apperception Test) -an exercise that invites an individual to make up 20 separate imaginative stories in drawings. When analyzed, repeated themes are treated as clues to the contours of the inner self. √° Remember√Ča case study is a psychological story about another person√ēs story and one must wonder about whose story is identification) √° Freud believed that the sexual instinct is the key understanding to psychological development. √° Psychobiography-a biography written from a psychodynamic or psychoanalytic point of view Case Study-Peter Pan as created by JM Barrie Publicly this man was highly respected, showered with honors, rich, successful. However, behind the fame was a lonely heart The first try at this story was called √íThe little White Bird√ď. It√ēs the story of a boy who is half bird, half boy who lived on an is Peter Pan is an image that gave expression to the conflicts of its creator. It symbolized the dilemma of being locked into a patPeter Pan is an image that gave expression to the conflicts of its creator....
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flight - Sheet1 Page 1 Fantasies of Flight by David M...

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