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Sheet1 Page 1 19. Relation between the subjectivity and the validity of a theory of personality ¥ put subjectivity and the validity of any theory together ¥ Theories are supposed to be looked at objectively right, without bias ¥ but personality deals primarily with personal feelings ¥ everyone is different,so you have to be subjective, but if you put all those subjectivities together you get a theory ¥ objectivity is really just a bunch of subjective thoughts ¥ each theory is based of subjective ideas ¥ it's a consensus ¥ so the theory of personality is taking all the other theories and using them in concert, subjectively ¥ validity¥that no one theory of personality cant be valid since it can not apply to everyone. most personality theories are specific to certain person or type of persons ¥ its a clear break from behaviorist principles behaviorist is the total opposite of subjective, its altogether objective ¥ Personality Theory¥each theory of personality comprises a system of statements regarding the meaning of being human in the world. 20. Pure phenomenology, methodological objectivism, and behaviorism ¥ Phenomenology¥study of experiences ¥ deals with consciousness, specifically the invariant structures of consciousness that constitute the ultimate conditions of the possibility of all conscious experiences ¥ it is the study of things as they are perceived as opposed to the study of being, the nature of things as they are. ¥ Methodological objectivism¥it is a philosophy of the relationship b/w the scientist and his work ¥ its based on purely objective truths and everything that goes beyond
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Sheet1 Page 2 anything that is verifiable is thrown out ¥ you disregard the sentiments of the scientist ¥ get rid of experimenter bias by essentially getting rid of the experimenter himself (you can replace the experimenter and it should give same results ¥ Behaviorism is a topic before 21. Freud¥s feelings toward his mother, and their impact on his theory ¥ he adored her. "the relationship between mother and son was the most perfect, free form of ambivalence of all human relationships" ¥ He feared losing her to his siblings ¥ Atwood believes that he did anything to preserve an entirely positive and idealized image of her, like blame the nursemaid for his neurotic suffering yet he was torn because he said that she betrayed his love by bringing another "hateful intruder" into the world (a sibling). Thus substituting his idealization of his mom for his wife Martha i ¥his theory of psychosexual development reflects a persons conflicts and neurotic difficulties from a reified, internal, biological factor-from a childÕs own instinctual drives and drive energies (the concept of id) ¥Oedipus Complex¥a concept used in psychoanalysis, is a child's unconscious desire for the exclusive love of the parent of the opposite sex. This desire includes jealousy toward the parent of the same sex and the unconscious wish for that parent's death. ¥Freud used the term to describe the unconscious feelings of children of
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mt notes 2 - 19. Relation between the subjectivity and the...

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