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Sheet1 Page 1 Review sheet Personality Midterm Below is a provisional list of items you might need to be familiar with for the exam on tuesday march 10 -additional items may be added to this list as we go through the weekend The golden age of personality psychology at Livingston College Death of the golden age -Invariant organizing principle (atwood and stolorow), unity thema (murray), nuclear scene and script (tomkins) Ð Personology -The Òdiagnostic councilÓ in personological studies Ð The intensive, in-depth case study Ð Positivism (Comte), a self-cancelling idea Ð Behaviorism and the The Unholy Trinity of Watson, Skinner, and Hull = Materialism, determinism, rationalism: the Newtonian-Galilean Weltanschauung -J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan, the tragedy of BarrieÕs early family -The meaning of fantasies of flight in relation to early bonds to the mother -C.G. JungÕs early childhood history and the splitting of his selfhood into No. 1 and No. 2 -The psychology of knowledge and the sociology of
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