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Homework 2 - spectra Problem 2 We want to install a SVC at...

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ECE 529: Utility Applications of Power Electronics Session 12; Page 1/1 Spring 2009 ECE 529: Homework #2 Due Session 16 (February 23 on campus, March 9 for Engineering Outreach) Problem 1: Implement open loop TCR connected to a voltage source of 15kV (line to neutral) through an inductance of 0.5mH. The TCR has an inductive reactance of 30ohm Single phase operation: calculate firing delay angles such that the TCR draws 500A, 1. 300A, 100A, 50A and determine RMS current and harmonic spectrum Next use a look up table to directly convert a current order to a firing angle in 2. ATPDraw Connect TCR in a three phase, Delta connection (synchronize from line to ground 3. voltages). Repeat part A, but now measure the line currents and calculate the harmonic
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Unformatted text preview: spectra. Problem 2: We want to install a SVC at load bus to provide reactive compensation consisting of a TCR and 3 capacitor banks (all ∆ connected). The compensator must provide 80 MVAr (capacitive) at |V ll | = 13.0 kV and 40 MVAr (inductive) at |V ll | =13.8 kV. a) How much capacitance is needed per capacitor bank (in µ F)? b) How much inductance must be connected in the TCR? c) Find the RMS current through the TCR for Q=0 at |V ll |=13.2 kV if the capacitors can't be switched out of the circuit. Comment on the results. How about the current if they are switched? d) Implement in ATPDraw and test at the operating limits....
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