CEI Skills Essay – Innovation

CEI Skills Essay – Innovation - Bradley...

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Bradley Thebeau Professor Moesel CEI Skills – Innovation 11/03/2009 CEI Skills Essay – Innovation The definition of innovation, according to Merriam-Webster, is “ the introduction of something new.” Some may look at this definition objectively, but I look at innovation and think of it as a living thing. Let me explain. Innovation is more than just introducing something as new. Innovation is someone’s thoughts and feelings poured out into the new product or process. Innovation is brilliance, often accomplishment, and many times genius. It breathes and brings life to products. Innovation will bring in new customers and keeps current coming back for more. It is a process that creates customer utility in the marketplace. Environmental dynamism is very apparent when looking at the flow of technology, and how rapidly it is changing. Innovation is how companies such as Apple continue to churn massive profits quarter after quarter in a so-called “down economy” and we as consumers get the finished product such as the iPhone or unibody Macbooks. These products and processes bring value to ones company and again utility to customers. As these processes change and become easier, communication of the processes must become stronger. This will help keep people on task and on the same pages with each other. For an innovator to become effective and successful, one must have certain tools
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CEI Skills Essay – Innovation - Bradley...

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