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LDR154_Essay1_Wk3_knowles - Knowles 1 Dana Knowles Ronald...

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Knowles 1 Dana Knowles Ronald Baza & George Bonilla LDR 154 20 March 2010 Neighborhood Cleanup Project Question #1: The Experience This example of community organizing is a description of a researched community organizing experience which through the utilization of consensus organizational techniques, the organizer was able to turn around the living environment and neighborhood to approximately 5000 immediate neighbors living in an older, and infrastructure poor neighborhood of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Question 2: Identification of the parties involved and discussion of how they need/ed to interact to bring the issue/situation to a successful conclusion; The parties involved one man in his early fifties, with a 4 th grade education and his immediate community. This single man, garnering from his life experiences and natural empathy for his neighbors and friends chose to begin a process for change that not only involved engaging an unwilling, poverty stricken, and illiterate community, but required the permanent behavioral change of that community for such an endeavor to be successful. Their interaction, between organizer and community would be based upon a loosely defined set of cultural rules focused upon respect for age, longevity in the neighborhood, and the impetus created by one highly motivated individual. They needed to interact on a one-to-one basis as well as a one-to-many basis. All relationships existed under the classification of “neighbors” who resided within the neighborhood, and few to none were drawn in from other communities or government agencies within the city of Jeddah to complete this change.
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Knowles 2 Question #3 Description of the steps needed to have a successful outcome of the event? Our organizer, who I will refer to as “Samier” realized that a radical change was needed in his neighborhood of birth upon his return from living outside of the country for eleven years. During that period of time in which he was gone, original inhabitants of the neighborhood had died, or moved, and many of the properties had become rental housing for the immigrant population of Jeddah which comprised the unskilled labor force for the most part. The homes, or buildings were a minimum of 60 years old and were, for the most part, built by the original inhabitants by hand from cinderblocks and timber. Few, if any, engineering solutions were applied to this neighborhood as the homes were built approximately 15 feet apart, with small dirt lanes existing between the homes as roads and/or walkways. Water was supplied to the community by city
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LDR154_Essay1_Wk3_knowles - Knowles 1 Dana Knowles Ronald...

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