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ATTENTION: Please order by Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2009. Ordering Intercooled Stata All students taking Economic Statistics (400) should purchase a copy of Intercooled Stata. ( You do not want to purchase “Small Stata”, which is too limited for our needs, nor do you want to purchase “Stata/SE”, which is intended for unusually large datasets.) If you’ve previously purchased an earlier edition of Stata, You have two options with this purchase: either a one-year license for $98 or a perpetual license for $179. As the names suggest, the one-year version will stop working after a year, while the perpetual license will work indefinitely. You can decide which is more appropriate for you own needs. If you think that there’s a reasonable chance that you’ll be doing statistical work in the future, then purchase the perpetual version. During your undergraduate career, you will use Stata if you take more econometrics courses or if you write
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Unformatted text preview: an honors thesis. You might also find it beneficial if you write an analytical research paper for another class. Even if you don’t use Stata for another class, you’ll almost certainly want to list your Stata skills on your resume when you’re looking for a job. (Along with SAS, Stata is one of the most popular statistical packages on the market.) If some employer calls your bluff and if you haven’t used Stata in years, then you’ll want to pull it out and brush up your skills. Having your own copy of Stata on your own computer will let you do this whenever and wherever you are. To order Stata: You will need to place your order online, using a credit card. Go to , and follow the instructions. StataCorp will then mail you a copy, which you should receive within a few days. Our GradPlan 3 site is UNC Chapel Hill....
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