statsexam1f06 - Economic Statistics Exam 1 Last name First...

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Unformatted text preview: Economic Statistics Exam 1 Last name: September 26, 2006 First name: PPID: Section number: Please sign that you abide by the honor pledge: This exam contains fifteen short answer questions ( worth 4 points each ) and four long answer questions ( worth 15 points each ) . Please answer in the space provided; if you need more room, indicate clearly that the answer is continued on the back of the page. In all problems where you need to make a calculation, simplify your answer as much as possible. Show your work clearly to be eligible for partial credit. Short Questions ( 4 points apiece ) 1. Professor Smith gives an exam to a small class of students. The scores on the exam were: 68, 72, 83, 85, 86, 88, 88, 91, and 97. Give me the five- number summary of this distribution. 2. Suppose that you have a Stata database containing the variables cancer and smoking . Write the Stata command that would output descriptive statistics for smoking , including the mean, variance, and quartiles. 3. When constructing a “ perfect scatterplot ” , you are asked to draw the line that best explains the relationship between two variables, X and Y . How do you determine the location and slope of this line? Econ 400 Midterm 1, page 2 of 9. 4. The following graph came from a news article on What is the most serious problem with this graph? 5. When a healthy, sexually active couple is trying to get pregnant, there is a roughly 0.25 chance of conceiving in any given month. Assuming that these chances are independent from one month to the next, what is the probability that a couple gets pregnant within three months? pregnant within three months?...
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statsexam1f06 - Economic Statistics Exam 1 Last name First...

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