statsexam1s09 - Economic Statistics Exam 1 February 17,...

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Economic Statistics Exam 1 Last name: February 17, 2009 First name: PPID: Section number: Please sign that you abide by the honor pledge: This exam contains fifteen short answer questions ( worth 6 points each ) and three long answer questions ( worth 15 points each ) . Show your work clearly to be eligible for partial credit. In all problems where you need to make a calculation, simplify your answer as much as convenient. In questions with multiple parts, you should respond as if your answers to previous parts were correct. Formulas: P [ X ] = N ! X !( N ! X )! p X (1 ! p ) N ! X P [ X ] = e ! μ X X ! Short Questions ( 6 points apiece ) 1. Suppose that overall, 20% of people have blond hair, and 25% of people have blue eyes, but 60% of the population has neither blond hair nor blue eyes. Are these two events independent? ( Explain. ) 2. In the previous problem, what is the probability that a person has blond hair or blue eyes ( or both ) ? 3. How do we determine the length of the whiskers in a box - and - whisker plot?
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Econ 400 Midterm 1, page 2 of 7. 4. According to the National Weather Service, Chapel Hill has 2.7 snowy days per year, on average. What is the probability that we have three or more? 5. A vending machine dispenses products at random, no matter what you purchase.
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statsexam1s09 - Economic Statistics Exam 1 February 17,...

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