AGB 301 chap 5 notes - Chapter 5 Food manufacturers...

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Chapter 5 Food manufacturer’s raw-product requirements are driven by consumer needs whether they be for nutrition safety, or taste. Forward contract – is a contract that is prior to planting therefore has an impact on future supplies o Limits fixed cost for grower they can know how much they are going to produce so they don’t over plant or under plant o Moving towards industrialization and away from strictly agrarian economies around the world means that the distance (interns of time, place, and producer from) between producers and users widens. o Typical Marketing channels: figure 5-8 p123; 5-9 p124 and Table 5-2 P126 Distributors are not involved in processing, changing produce form, or adding value, and they do no product and grow, their major function is to carry inventories. Backstopping the retailers is the merchant wholesaling operation. Wholesales buy large quantities from manufacturer and then provide the retailers with merchandise within a timely fashion. Function of distributors:
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AGB 301 chap 5 notes - Chapter 5 Food manufacturers...

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