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Dieterle Trading Inc. 2 - Rate of change Indicator “Rate...

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that the pork future market is going to continue to fluctuate at a high rate. According the TFC graphs over the last few years in the month of October pork has average 95.00 which would lead me to believe that over the next month pork will continue to go up. “Fewer bellies were used last week and more product in freezers versus last year is somewhat bearish for futures, a belly market analyst said. "However, it will be interesting to see how that plays out after futures rallied sharply Tuesday," he said.” (Waters, web) A lot of analysts don’t seem to have a definite opinion on exactly where the future marks prices are headed, Analysis: Conventional Interpretation - Short Term: Since the fast moving average is above the slow moving average it’s a bullish market. Market trend is up.
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Unformatted text preview: Rate of change Indicator: “Rate of Change (4.40) is above zero, indicating an overbought market. The long term trend, based on a 45 bar moving average, is UP. The short term trend, based on a 9 bar moving average, is UP. Rate of Change is indicating an overbought market, and appears to be slowing. Further, a bearish key reversaloff a 9 bar new high here supports this outlook. A modest downturn is possible here.” Conclusion: The pork commodity market I believe will have an upward price trend over the next month. This market is very unpredictable at this point in time but through the information that I have read. It is a commend trend for pork to go up in price throughout October. 1 2...
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Dieterle Trading Inc. 2 - Rate of change Indicator “Rate...

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