AGB 401 Employee Handbook-Rebecca Position Paper

AGB 401 Employee Handbook-Rebecca Position Paper - Rebecca...

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Rebecca Osumi Napa Sub Committee #1 Shipping Supervisor SECTION A – COMPENSATION (PAY) SCHEDULE- PAY RATE PER HOUR NARRATIVE Most employees are paid every two weeks, on the Friday following the end of the pay period. Your supervisor will inform you of the date of your first paycheck. One-half of your authorized monthly deductions--which may include health and dental premiums, charitable contributions, and Credit Union loans/savings—are withheld from each check. If a payday falls on a holiday, you will receive your paycheck on the last working day before the regular payday. Direct deposit of your check to your financial institution can be arranged by contacting Human Resources. Employees subject to state and federal laws regarding overtime (non-exempt employees) will be paid time and a half for all time worked in excess of 8 hours in a workday or in excess of 40 hours per workweek. If you are scheduled to work on your second scheduled day off, or work in excess of 12 hours on any other workday, you will be paid double time for hours worked. The supervisor must authorize overtime worked by non-exempt employees in advance. Unless overtime is authorized, non-exempt employees should not report to their stations earlier than 12 minutes before the work shift begins, or leave their work stations more than 12 minutes after the work shift ends. Different schedules than those mentioned above require advance approval by the Human Resources Department. Napa reserves the right to increase or decrease hours based on business requirements. Napa continuously tries to recognize the relative values of various jobs; to adopt realistic
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AGB 401 Employee Handbook-Rebecca Position Paper - Rebecca...

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