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Final_Paper_F09_Businesses and Social Responsability-1 -...

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AGB 401 Petrela Final Paper Weight on the Final Grade: 25% Topic : “Performance with a Purpose: Can a Company Have a Soul and Still Produce for Shareholders?” Due Date : Before or on December 8, 2009 by 4:00 AM in my office (electronic copies not accepted). Length : 6-7 pages, in 12 – Times New Roman font, double spaced bibliography included and cited throughout the paper using either MLA or Chicago style. Grading Criteria : Please print and attach a copy of the final paper grading criteria (posted on Blackboard) to your final paper. Description of the Paper : Over the years, many economists and philosophers have analyzed the capitalistic business philosophy. Two major and opposite groups of thoughts have been emerging. One camp strongly believes that “the greatest good for society in the long run is achieved not by corporations seeking to act morally, or with a sense of social responsibility in their pursuit of profit, but rather by each corporation seeking to maximize its own profit,
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