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Kaiser Permanente is a corporation that has gone above beyond to promote social responsibility to their employees but they have also strived to implement community benefits around the United States. “Kaiser Permanente invested more than $1 billion to provide health coverage to those in need, drive improvements in community health, reduce health disparities, strengthen our partnerships with community-based organizations and help make total health a reality for everyone” (Health Benefits) Kaiser actively participates in the community by having employees volunteer in community events and also providing education to people around the world. Kaiser strongly believes in disease prevention and
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Unformatted text preview: health promotion, not only for their member but for the communities they serve and the world as a whole. Kaiser educated people through, “Education Theatre Program” which Kaiser believes, “Is a potent strategy for disseminating our clinically honed prevention messages to students, families, and their broader communities.” (Health Benefits) Kaiser is a corporation that believe in bring social responsibility to levels that can’t compare to others. Health Benefits. "2008 Community Benefit Report." Kaiser Permanente . 2008. Kaiser Permenente, Web. 7 Dec 2009. <http://info.kp.org/communitybenefit/assets/pdf/about_us/global/08CBBR_v15_lores_spread_forWeb.pdf >....
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