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Oracle 401 final copy

Oracle 401 final copy - Wouldnt it be nice to have a salary...

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a salary of one million dollars a year and stock option that bring in over eighty four million dollars in a year? Larry Ellison the founder and CEO of Oracle is defiantly not having money problems in the time of this economic recession. Ellison is estimated to be worth twenty-three billion dollars and is in the top ten richest people world. He climbed peaks and hit valleys in his long journey to reach where he is at today. It is interesting to find out how a man that is already worth billions has to exercise stock option within Oracle to bring him even more money during a year in which Oracle has lagged in obtaining their usual peak profits. How do American people let people like Ellison become so wealthy? To fully comprehend how Ellison has became so powerful we need to understand where he came from. Ellison life hasn’t always been filled with success and wealth. Ellison was born in Bronx, New York in 1944 his mother was a nineteen year old single mom who couldn’t raise Ellison at the time. His mother ended up putting him up for adoption when Ellison contracted pneumonia at the age of nine months old. Ellison aunt and uncle took him in and raised him in Chicago. He was uninformed that he was adopted until his teenage years, Ellison grew to think that his aunt and uncle where his biological parents. During the Great Depression Ellison adoptive dad lost his real estate business and got a job as an author for the public housing authority, where he made a humble living. Ellison was aa extremely independent young man and often had rebellious streaks that clashed with his adoptive father. He was always a knowledge student; he had great strengths obtain knowledge in science and math. When he attended the University of Illinois and he was named the science student of the year. His attendance at the University of Illinois was short lived, when during his finals his sophomore year his adoptive mother passed away. He ended up dropping out of school the very next semester. After he grieved for a half a year he decided to go back to school the following
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fall this time at the University of Chicago. He soon again dropped out after his first semester. His adopted father who he had clashed with his whole life became hope less for Ellison and figured that he would never amount to anything. After dropping out his second school Ellison decide to take a journey to Berkeley, California. Ellison had just enough money to make it Berkeley and survive for enough time to find a job. For the next eight years he often worked dead end jobs for full time employment and had side jobs which he used his computer programming skills; that he had learned at his short stay at the University of Chicago. For awhile he worked as a technician for a Fireman’s fund and he worked for Wells Fargo bank. He finally landed a job at a company called Ampex Corporation where he was a
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Oracle 401 final copy - Wouldnt it be nice to have a salary...

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