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BURIED CITIES AND LOST TRIBES ANT 110/ARC 110 Spring 2008 Instructor: Tineke Van Zandt Monday and Wednesday, 10:40 to 11:55 AM, Santa Rita Building A230 Office: Santa Rita Building A107 Phone: 206-6905 (my office, can leave message on voicemail if I’m not there) E-mail: (please put course number in subject line) Office Hours: MW 1:00-2:00 PM, TTh 11:00 AM-noon, and by appointment. COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES Anthropology/Archaeology 110 is a general introduction to World Archaeology. You do not need to be an Anthropology major to take it and it will transfer as elective credit in Anthropology. Buried Cities and Lost Tribes is an exploration of the human past that covers the major events in prehistory after the appearance of modern humans, including the colonization of all parts of the world by humans, the invention of agriculture, and the origins of complex civilizations. Earlier human evolution will not be addressed here. We will also explore a number of common misconceptions about the past, and you will acquire the tools to critically evaluate fantastic claims about the past. By the end of the class you will be able to: 1) List and compare the four subfields of anthropology. 2) Define common archaeological terms, vocabulary, and concepts, assess the products and processes of archaeological research, and distinguish science from pseudoscience. 3) Discuss the development and spread of modern humans and the development of human foraging lifeways. 4) Describe the causes of, consequences of, and events associated with domestication in various parts of the world. 5) Review the development of social complexity, ranked societies, and states around the world, and describe relevant cultures and archaeological sites. 6) Summarize current issues and controversies in archaeology and evaluate reports of archaeological findings in the media. TEXTBOOKS Two textbooks are required and are available in the Pima College West Campus bookstore: Images of the Past, 5th Edition, by T.D. Price and G.M. Feinman (IoP) Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries, 5th edition, by K.L. Feder (FMM) If you buy your books elsewhere, be sure to get the correct editions! ATTENDANCE AND CLASS PARTICIPATION Regular attendance is expected, and is essential to pass the course, since lectures and other classroom activities will expand on material in the text. You cannot lose points for poor attendance, but you will find it difficult to pass the class if you don’t attend. Good attendance and participation will help those with borderline final grades. I understand that it is sometimes necessary for people to miss an
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