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Taylor - Position Paper

Taylor - Position Paper - Taylor Mulholland POSITION PAPER...

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Taylor Mulholland 11/16/09 POSITION PAPER SECTION A – COMPENSATION (PAY) SCHEDULE – PAY RATE PER HOUR NARRATIVE Employees in our payroll systems are paid semi-monthly. Employees with access to website may view their paycheck information online, as well as receive a pay stub. The compensation schedule for Napa Winery consists of pay ranges for each grade. A starting salary or pay rate will be determined using job responsibility, education, and experience. Then incremental pay raises will be given every 6 months or as see fit. I arrived at this compensation schedule and pay rate per hour by looking at the State of Nevada Employee Handbook. COST NEGOTIATION STRATEGY Section A ranks number one in importance and should be negotiated first. SECTION B – LENGTH OF CONTRACT NARRATIVE
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Napa winery has a probationary period along with being an Employment-At-Will Employer. A Union member is deemed to be on probation with the Company for a period of forty five (45) days worked. Such period will be for the purpose of determining the employee's suitability for employment. During such period, he shall be paid the job rate specified herein for the work he is doing and shall enjoy all other benefits of this Agreement. If an employee is dismissed during the probationary period, the specific reasons for such dismissal shall be given to the Union in writing. All new employees shall be given a one (1) day orientation period during which they shall be supernumerary to the department. The purpose of this period is to ensure new employees are properly trained in compliance with the accepted operating procedures and the Occupational
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Taylor - Position Paper - Taylor Mulholland POSITION PAPER...

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