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I am aware that outsourcing is a trend that is becoming more common in information technology just because at many times it is more cost effective to hire a specialist to address a company’s temporary IT needs rather than hire or train in house employees. However, I am currently employed in the government sector, and the organization has come up with some creative methods to limit various expenditures. Staff came up with a great way to help reduce the cost of resending returned mail by taking proactive steps. Instead of simply manually correcting the addresses after receiving mail from the return mail service and resending the correspondence, staff used the forwarding service and also leveraged the address look-up service to verify addresses ahead of time. Employees from across the various state agencies can now bring their recyclable paper to work and
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Unformatted text preview: drop it in the recycling bins . Funds generated by this effort support the state’s recycling program. The agency has deployed an exciting new faxing capability , the new application, eFax , will allow employees to receive and send faxes from the convenience of their own computers through e-mail. This is much less expense compared to having to purchase and maintain fax machines. Also, statewide employee and community newsletters are now distributed via e-mail and posted on the Internet rather than printing hard copies for everyone. The use of online job applications and automating the application processing is in effect, for example, conducting criminal online history checks and validate teaching and professional staff certifications electronically by comparing them with certification data maintained by the appropriate State Board....
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