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Exam 3 study guide -

Exam 3 study guide - - Exam 3 Study Guide Know all the...

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Exam 3 Study Guide Know all the countries on the continent of Africa! (I’m not kidding on this one. 10 EASY points if you study the map) Central Asia --Beauty Academy of Kabul—What did the film say about women living in Afghanistan? The Beauty Academy of Kabul—Afghanistan The U.S. beauty industry gave money to open a beauty school for the women in Kabul. President and family killed in coup – next president was also killed Bombing - Women—not allowed to work outside - Girl’s schools were closed Workers are not used to woman telling them what to do—especially American women who wants things a particular way. Drawing—to pick the girls that will be in the course. Reasons: Many people are touched by the women and how they handled themselves during the Taliban—still did hair and makeup when it was illegal. Gave wigs to the women to practice on The Taliban closed all hair salons but the woman still did hair at their homes Women would wear Burkas to cover their hair and faces Respect for these women because they could have left the country but they didn’t - Some feel guilty because they left the country The women couldn’t wear nail polish or socks until the American’s came over “Women in Afghanistan aren’t free to fight with their husbands” Woman’s family don not allow them to make up Women’s don’t go out at night—if they went out alone the boys will attack them - Demodernization Deals with well educated society -- Equipment failed -- Infrastructures falling apart -- Governments have to deal with the reality that they will not receive subsidies from the Soviet Union ***-Cotton - Life Under Taliban—examples o Women/Men Compulsory burka wearing No education or occupation with exception of women’s health. Women could not go out unless dressed in the heavy burka and accompanied by male relative Men required wear beards and closely cut hair
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All sports ceased -- Soccer fields public disciplinary centers - -Executions to place Music and television banned Displayed a human or animal form – Gambling - Anything that’s in an animal figure Men and women who assume to have an affair are stoned to death -- Soviet Impact Listed 2 1. Set up industry, expanded transportation, communication 2. Caused extensive damage in the rural countryside Landmines One of the heaviest mined countries in the world 713 square kilometers remains to be cleared Kill or maim estimated 12 people each da Almost 50% that are victims of landmines die because of lack of health care --Religion—Rural to Urban differences, cultural Muslim o Majority of the region is dominated by Suni-Islam o Shi’ite Islam, Sunni Islam, Judaism, hints of Christianity o Shi’ite dominate Iran, southern Iraq o Sunni dominates rest of the region Religion o Secular State o Secularization and Russianization setting in to marginalize Islam.
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Exam 3 study guide - - Exam 3 Study Guide Know all the...

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