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mathdq2week1 - be used The exponents are to be subtracted...

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When division occurs with a polynomial and the divisor is a monomial the first thing you need to remember is that A/C + B/C = A+B/C and then of course the opposite is true A+B/C = A/C + B/C. To begin you need to start by separating the problem, you can do so like the example below. Ex: 21x³/7x = 21/7 * x³/x = 3x² (if done correctly) The Coefficients are to be divided by one another and of course the quotient rule is to
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Unformatted text preview: be used. The exponents are to be subtracted. If the divisor is not a monomial then the exponent has to be negative. If the exponent is negative, you would express your answer inverted in a fraction form so the exponent will be a positive. I explained this as best as I could and I am unsure if I did this correctly, if anyone could help me to understand this better I would greatly appreciate it....
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